Independent Escort Girls Bahrain

Classic services. They mean escort to business meetings to maintain the image and etiquette. The client appeals to the agency, where he is offered several photos of girls. In addition, the client is provided with information about the age, weight and height of the girl, as well as her hobbies and level of fluency in foreign languages. Picking the best option, the client through the agent agrees to meet with the girl. They meet, communicate, and if everyone is happy with everything, the agent receives a commission, a girl’s fee. At the appointed time, the companion arrives at a business event.

Bahrain Independent Escorts on vacation. Everything operates according to the same scheme as classical services. A client can take both one and several girls on vacation. If the client wants to permanently take a certain girl on vacation, his companion’s fee increases, but the agent receives the commission only once. Intimate services are provided only by prior arrangement in the agency.

Requirements for the girl
Girls working in the field of escort have higher education. They are charming, intelligent and sociable. These qualities are necessary for successful negotiations. As a rule, girls are graduates of the faculties of journalism, psychology and foreign languages.Independent

Agencies representing escort services in Bahrain compete with model companies. However, unlike the latter, the main rate they make on intelligence and communicative, while model agencies – only on aesthetics. Girls who want to go to work in an escort, pass a compulsory interview. They must have a well-groomed look and know at least one foreign language.

There are agencies that hide under the inscription “escort” the provision of intimate services. In real escort agencies, this type of services is allowed only with the consent of the girl and for a fee, which is additionally stipulated in the terms of the contract.